Confident Public Speaking For Board Members: Learn How To Debate

When board members do not know how to debate correctly, they can interrupt the flow of a productive meeting by talking out of turn, making personal attacks, or not staying on topic when debating. All of this wastes time, energy, money, and life.

Set your board members up for success with this offer to learn how to speak and debate in meetings with greater confidence. Public speaking is the #1 fear in the nation before death and spiders, and there are few environments more public than a meeting.

Many board members have much to contribute, but their fear of speaking or their discomfort with the meeting protocol can get in the way from them participating productively.

Susan Leahy MA CSP is a confidence coach and meeting expert. This dynamic offer includes access to Susan's:

Confident Public Speaking Audio Training ($35 value)
Access to the Robert's Rules Made Simple Solution ($97 value)
One 50 min personal coaching session live with Susan via Zoom ($300 value)

Help your board members feel more comfortable with Robert's Rules of Order and teach them how to speak with confidence so that your meetings can be more productive, and you get more work done.

Among a whole host of content, Susan will share her 3 step process for effective debating as well as give you practical and powerful tools to manage nervous energy.

Speaking with confidence is a learned skill, and Susan is a powerful teacher and expert coach. Get ready to elevate your confidence and speak with greater confidence during your meeting!

*With this offer we will ship you one Robert's Rules Made Simple DVD for your libarary

Happy Meetings!

Type: Meeting Management
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