Board Effectiveness Survey & Assessment Report: By Group to TEAM

Is your board stuck? Do you feel like your board could be more productive but can't seem to figure out what is really holding your board back? Need to enroll your board members that something has to shift?

Conduct a customized online board assessment survey to pinpoint ways that you can increase your board's overall effectiveness. Many boards stuggle but it is hard to determine a plan of action if you don't really understand the full situation. Suveying your seated board is a powerful way to connect with your board members and assess thier needs.

This board survey includes a full assessment report generated by Group to TEAM Leadership Soulutions Inc. This information will help you to evaluate gaps with understanding of procedure on the board as well as help with interpreting training and board development needs.

This offering is being provided by Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. in partnership with Robert's Rules Made Simple.

In this offering you will receive:

*One live assessment call from a Group to TEAM certified board trainer to establish your customized survey questions

*A pre-generated survey link to share with your board members (the survey can be anonymous or not)

*One customized report collating the data from the survey with recommendations

Take some time to get in touch with what your board members actually need to be more effective and efficient in your meetings!

Happy Meetings!

Type: Board Management
Location: Anywhere