Robert's Rules Made Simple Online & DVD Training

Are you supposed to be using Robert's Rules of Order, but no one seems to know how? Is the book too confusing? Looking for a simple way to learn what you need to know about Robert's, without having to become an expert parliamentarian? Welcome to this listing that will give you access to Robert's Rules Made Simple Online Training. This online training is SIMPLE and EASY. In just one hour, you will be speaking the language of meetings. Susan Leahy MA CSP is the creator of Robert's Rules Made Simple, and she has trained over 8000 boards the fundamentals or Robert's Rules of Order!

This Online Course Will Help You Learn About:
- Main Motion
- Amendments
- Amend the Amendment
- Refer to a Committee
- Postpone to a Certain Time
- Lay On The Table
- Previous Question
- Voting Procedures
- How to Properly Debate
...And Much More!

Enjoy Susan's fun and energetic teaching and training style. Here is a YOUTUBE link to one of her most popular YOUTUBE videos about Mastering the 3 Most Widely Mis-Used motions.

Type: Board Management
Location: Anywhere