Collections Consultation for Self Managing HOAs & Condos

This is a one hour consultation on collections for self managed HOAs and Condos. Your condo or HOA has delinquent accounts. You have owners who are just not paying their dues on time or at all. Your first instinct is to send the file to an attorney. And that may NOT be the right way to go. However, no attorney is going to tell you that there is another solution for your problem. They will eagerly take the case and engage a "legal process." A process that has no guarantees except for a legal costs. That is not always the best way to move forward and boards of directors and management companies should know about all the options available to them.

In this consultation Mitch Drimmer will walk you through all the available options that you have. By knowing how to deal with slow or non-paying owners you will be able to make a more informed decision. In advance of the consultation you will receive a booklet written by Mitch Drimmer that will outline all of the different strategies you can use to recover your association's money. With this guide and Mitch's expertise you will have to tools to develop an action plan to collect your money.

Before you engage an attorney and start the legal process learn about what a "collections process" looks like. Understand all the options that you have and bring them to bear. This consultation will make you more informed so that when you do want to speak to your attorney you will have the right questions to ask.

Type: Fees & Assessments
Location: Anywhere