Do-it-Yourself Reserve Study Kit

The "Do It Yourself Reserve Study Kit" represents our most economical level of service and requires a team effort!

Watch this 30-sec video to learn more!

For only $349, you can use the kit to create a Reserve Study for the first time, or update a prior Reserve Study. FREE Instruction Booklet: included.

Clients who purchase a kit are able to create (or update) their own Component List, detailing the scope and schedule of each repair or replacement. We’ll provide you with a MS Excel template containing a master component list of over 70 of the most common Reserve components, along with typical Useful Life estimates.

That's when we take over!

We rely on the information you submit to calculate Reserve Fund Strength, craft a custom Funding Plan, and create your Reserve Study deliverable. Our funding plans allow for adequate cash flow, timely repairs & replacements, with an emphasis on avoiding the need for "catch-up" sources of funding.

Type: Reserve Studies
Location: Anywhere